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Shared servers, the web hosting for all

Our offers: Shared server recommended - Shared server simple - Shared server large

This is the most classic formula to host your website, a turnkey hosting service for individuals, associations and companies who don't need to go into server system administration because they don't have to monopolize significant resources on the server. The flat rate includes access to a web interface where you can easily finetune the different parameters of your hosting. Shared packages allow to host up to one hundred mailboxes with a single subscription.

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Our other solutions:

Virtual servers

The virtual server hosting is particularly convenient to graphic and web designers who manage their client's web sites, or companies and organisations which want to benefit from a reserve of RAM and CPU power, to open a large number of mailboxes for instance, or to create much more web pages. The webmaster can manage the allocated disk quota as he wich and can create as many web sites, mailboxes or databases as he likes within the boundaries of his choosen v-server.


Dedicated servers

Our offers: Dedicated server recommended - Dedicated server simple - Dedicated server large

The hosting on a dedicated server reserves all resources of the physical server machine to a single customer. It offers the advantage to select the hardware which is best suited for receiving your applications and to configure the whole server according to your needs. This solution is particularly popular with large organizations, companies very active on the web or artistic projects which need a lot of CPU time. A dedicated server lets you host up to serveral hundred sites and as many mailboxes according to the hardware components that have been chosen. It can also be used as a backup or streaming server.

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